About Us

All environmental surfaces are teeming with bacteria and micro-organisms. Frequent use of disinfectants and professional household chemicals will, over time, cause harmful micro-organisms to become immune. You have to use chemicals harder and harder each time. Not to mention the damage of professional chemicals to human health, pets and nature. Many of us don't think about how household chemicals that are flushed down the drain end up in fields, in the world's oceans, in drinking water and eventually through our food onto our plate.

The German company Baviette specialises in producing unique and professional bio-based cleaners that are absolutely safe for adults, babies, pets and our environment. Baviette products consist of biologically beneficial self-replicating and self-cleaning microorganisms. In addition, every time you flush the sink and toilet with residual cleaning agent, you are helping to clean the conoliths, drains and the environment of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria.

All Baviette products wash and disinfect at the same time, which is important during the Coronovirus pandemic.